Will development move towards no code solutions?

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Code is bad. It rots. It requires periodic maintenance. It has bugs that need to be found. New features mean old code has to be adapted. Code is the enemy — Skrentablog

Microsoft is talking about the citizen developer, improving PowerApps and Flow. Should developers and companies invest time and effort to master PowerApps and creating no code/low code solutions?

  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Retrys
  • Lifecycle
  • Memory

Managing complexity

I have never worked on a project which didn’t need a plugin or JavaScript/C# code; I imagine this is because the Dynamics projects I work on are larger and need developers. There are lots of smaller Dynamics 365 projects which can use out of the box functionality.

  • Sorts, filters
  • Updates
  • Updates and creates related records
  • Validates
  • Deletes

Strengths and weaknesses

The citizen developer is being mentioned, PowerApps and Flows are being seen as the future companies and projects should be heading. Is this being asked for by customers or pushed by Microsoft?

  • Data Set
  • Integration
  • Design and create simple designs
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Overlapping customisations
  • Naming
  • Create long term customisations which can be maintained and extended

Positives of no code

There are positives of no code and in certain circumstances it could be the best choice:

  • Lower level of knowledge\skill needed to build no code solutions
  • Services manage performance
  • No servers needed
  • Lower maintenance


There will be demand for code because complex requirements need complex solutions. Code allows you to create solutions to fit companies working practices, the custom validation and automation can deliver big productivity gains.

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