Why people leave their jobs and how to stop them

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Incorrect requirements always result in a bad solution #hoskcodewisdom

People move jobs regularly, few stay in the same company for longer than 3 years. What is the cause for moving regularly?

Moving and recruiters

This article says we move jobs every 4 to 5 years but IT workers move more often due to more contact from LinkedIn and recruiters. The big winners in people moving are recruitmenters who get paid for a person moving and get paid to replace them, who then replaces someone else in an endless cycle.

What makes people move?

A lack of money demotivates and getting more persuades people who move jobs but there comes a point where mone is not the main driver. Other factors which drive people to move are below

  • Involvement
  • Feeling valued (listened to)
  • Career progression
  • Money
  • Benefits
  • Culture
  • Values
  • Type of people
  • Behaviours encouraged
  • Work atmosphere
  • People
  • bad colleagues/bosses
  • Good colleagues
  • Work
  • Challenging
  • Interesting
  • Learning
  • Training, improving
  • Getting new skills
  • 9% want a new boss
  • 5% want flexible scheduling
  • 4% want better benefits
  • 3% want more recognition

Culture, engagement, progression

The focus on recruitment is

  1. Benefits
  2. Other reasons
  • Loss of business knowledge
  • Domino effect of others moving
  • Re-training and getting new members up to speed
  • CV and Interviewing costs
  • Potential project failure

Get people involved

Leaders tell the team the problem and then explain the plan. Telling makes people less interested because it’s not their plan, it’s an order. Instead explain the direction and problems, ask for ideas. Companies hire good people, so get out of the way and let them be great.

IT projects are a people business

It’s easy to focus on technology, it’s sexy, new and you can amaze customers. You can wow with impressive capacity, power, speed and flexibility of cloud solutions (Azure, Dynamics, Power Platform, etc) but this misses the point.


One reasons for moving jobs is career progression. Life is interesting and challenging when you are learning new skills, you are making progress on your career goals. People look for jobs when they are stagnating.


It’s great to be part of a team with a clear objectives and who a delivering. When you work on a project and you deliver it to specification and on time, you feel a sense of achievement.

  • 24% said recognition is a motivator

Career progression

If you are not progressing you are falling behind. People need goals and be working towards them.


For people to be engaged they need to be included. When people are told what to do they start to turn off but when you give them a problem and ask them to solve it, they get involved.

Have more fun

Work is important but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious. You can do the job, deliver projects and have fun. Incorporate fun into the project, get to know others on the team and deliver.

Final thought

Be engaged, get involved, praise others and you will be successful

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