Stop being busy and start being productive

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?”– Henry David Thoreau

Whenever you ask someone how they are, they often reply busy. Everyone is busy, to-do lists grow longer each day, meetings take up half the day, and that’s before any problems appear from now where to cause disruption.

Be less busy

The first step in understanding why you are busy is to understand what you are doing. Reasons for being busy.

  • Tasks which are the responsibility of someone else
  • Habit
  • older priorities

Doing it yourself

One reason to be busy is being delegated tasks, another is not delegated tasks. A trap newly promoted employees fall into is doing too much of the work themselves because they trust their output. Before long they find themselves overloaded and their team with spare capacity.

If you can delegate, you should delegate

In the short term delegating allows you to focus on more important tasks and in the long term it develop other people. Long-term benefits cost you in the short term because you need to give more help whilst the person learn and develops the skills needed.

Think long term

To get somewhere fast, know your destination, where your career is heading, so you can get the skills, knowledge, experience and relationships you require.

Worked in software development for 20 years, Dynamics 365, Power platform and delivering enterprise projects. Books are awesome

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