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2 min readSep 23, 2023


What evidence do you have the best developers keep dropping out of jobs?

What do you assess the best developers, how do you know who the good, bad and mad developers?

I rarely see developers sacked and the reason is the demand for developers keeps going up as the world keeps needed more software.

The growth in citizen developers has increased the need for experienced developers to guide the citizen developers and clean up their mess.

The only time I have seen developers get sacked is when a company gets in financial trouble or there is a economic depression.

In bad times developers are seen as a cost, not a method of generating money.

Its difficult to recruit good developers because it requires someone to interview with development experience and to understand what a good/bad developer is. I haven't met many developers who are good at interviewing or have a clear idea to assess developers.

Interviews are an unreiiable method of assessing developer talent.

Code examples, technical tests don't tell you much. I have tried them but I could see no correlation between good developers and bad developers, they still both passed. The only ones who failed didn't have a low level of technical knowledge/experience.

On the filp side people who passed the technical test, talked a good game in the interview could be terrible at creating software and working with a team.

Developers shouting their success is unreliable. MVP and developer internet celebrities could be great at explaining but terrible at implementing. Most developers know what different technologies, best practices are and when to use them, they just can't do it when it counts.

Developers definitely need to improve and promoting their achievements and contributions. Most developers career plan is to turn up to work and work hard. This is the same tactic as the majority of developers and expects managers and other people to push their careers forward. Needless to say it doesn't work very well and if you do what everyone else does then you will be average.



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