What Are The Checks And Balances On The Speed Of Software Development?

You need more than developers to create software

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Software and cathedrals are much the same; first we build them, then we pray. by Anonymous.

The speed of software development isn’t just the amount of the developers' writing code.

There are many checks and balances on that slows down the speed of development. Growing the size of development teams and increasing development is like growing the population species.

Oversimplification hides the complex reality of software development. IT causes unexpected plan busting surprises when a software development tries to go faster.

The best way to get a project done faster is to start sooner. by Jim Highsmith

Darwin and population control

When Darwin finished voyaging around on dog named ships (Beagle)on p, he started going through his notebooks to write a book of his findings.

Darwin asked himself some questions

Why do we have different species?

Darwin tried to reverse engineer evolution from his observations and evidence collected.

Darwin read the book An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Robert Malthus about checks on the human population. What’s stops the human population from overpopulating the planet?

Checks on species growth what limits and regulates population growth of a species. If there were no checks and balances, the world would get overrun with species explosion.

Population checks are;

  1. Food Supply — Food availability controls growth and if food is limited, then it leads to competition for food.
  2. Predation: Predators regulating population size. An increase in predators slows or reduce population. A lack of predators can lead to population growth.
  3. Illness, Disease and Parasites: Diseases and parasites can reduce population. It’s a natural check on population size.



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