Useful Coronavirus (COVID-19) articles

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My cats in quarantine

I have read a lot of Coronavirus links and these are the best ones I have read and I wanted to share them.

I prefer articles which stick to facts, talk in a measured calm voice and which are interesting.

Why Coronavirus is worse than flu in one simple diagram

Picture showing the difference between flu and Coronavirus, it shows the reasons why Coronavirus spreads more efficiently and is more deadly

Coronavirus is our future | Alanna Shaikh

Ted Talk giving clear details on the Coronarivus without any hype

Why we must isolate to beat Coronavirus (COVID-19)

My post on why it’s important to isolate and social distance because at the moment it’s the only tool we have to fight the virus and it buys time for the hospitals and the world to fight back.

Lost Sense of Smell May Be Peculiar Clue to Coronavirus Infection

New symptom, if you lose your sense of smell quarantine.

Coronavirus the survival guide

Good article on the Coronavirus

when will we get back to normal

A long time in the future

who has flattened the curve

What countries have managed to flatten the curve

What happens to your lungs

Coronavirus attacks the lungs, understand what it does

The 9 most important unanswered questions about Covid-19

Interesting questions about the Coronavirus

“Gradually, then suddenly” — 4 ways to think about Coronavirus

4 interesting ways to think about the Coronavirus

Why it’s important to know the incubation period

Understand the incubation period

Covid-19: how long can it survive outside the body?

Understand how long Covid survives and what to watch out for

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