Stress leads to burnout and burnout leads to breakdown

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Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s not urgent, and to create a culture where you are constantly plugged in and expected to be always-on is to create a culture of burnout. Arianna Huffington

If you try to do everything yourself, you will end up doing 2 or 3 jobs and having working all day and all night. Eventually you stop and ask, why am I working so hard, all it gets me is more work.

Deadlines create stress or having more work than you can do. The common solution is to out work the problem, to keep up with the increased workload. This is a temporary solution which treats the symptoms but not the root cause. Working extra hours to solve a problem is not sustainable and eventually leads to burnout.


Creativity focuses on quantity and quality, come up with lots of ideas (good and bad) before selecting a good one. You don’t create one great idea, create multiple ideas to get to the good idea.

Decision making

You won’t be consistently effective in your work day if you are tired at the start of your day. If you don’t stop working at night and make time for rest/relaxation then you will burnout.

Projects are marathons, if you try to sprint a marathon you won’t finish the race. Project are about making steady progress, making decisions, resolving problems and creating. Aim for high-quality work, not high quantity

Long-term solutions

It’s important to address this situation because you will eventually burn out and it’s your responsibility to make sure everyone is doing the work required from them. Give them the opportunity to improve and do the work or replace them. It's demoralizing for the people on the project to see some members of the team doing a half speed, whilst others working double speed. Projects are a team effort and it needs everyone to do the work their roles require for the individual parts to make a greater whole.


I realised the people on my team could do the work, so why was I trying to do everything? I wasn’t good at delegating work and if I wanted to scale the work I delivered, I had to work on improving my delegation skills.

“If I can delegate, I should delegate” HoskWisdom

It took me a while to improve delegation skills but it got me more time and help the people on my team grow and improve. When delegating “Be precise in your request, say what you need and when you need it”. If you the request is ambiguous and contains assumption then the task might not be done the way you want it.

Catch yourself

Individuals don’t deliver projects, teams do. It’s a short-term solution which will eventually lead to the person burning out and their quality of life of slowly deteriorating. The person burning out needs help from the team to take the load off them and sometimes they will resist because they will feel they are being punished or they are letting the team down.

If it’s yourself, you need to reflect on your workload and look start to delegate.

The effects of burnout leads to a break down or moving from the project or the company. Overworking leads to the quality of life reducing, it doesn’t matter how much money you earn if you never have time to spend it. Over working can have serious effects on the life outside of work with missing family occasions to partners leaving.

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