Stop change disrupting your project

“It is always easier to talk about change than to make it.” ~ Alvin Toffler

Change will make or break your project, changes can‘t be controlled but your reaction can. A fixed mindset breaks instead of bends when confronted with change. Change is constant, some don’t adapt, others adapt enough to survive, a few use change to be successful. The less rigid and more adaptable you are, the fewer times you get stuck.

Code and change

The art of develop lies in the constant adjustments to change.

Project change

A project won’t change but you can change yourself and the approach to be successful. A project which does not adapt to the changes will fail. We are servants of projects, they will tell you when it‘s not working. Think about the pain points, how could this work differently.


Don’t fight change and don’t wait for it to happen. Instead, embrace change and use it as an opportunity for improvement. Change is not comfortable or easy and involves conflict but through this something better emerges.

Worked in software development for 20 years, Dynamics 365, Power platform and delivering enterprise projects. Books are awesome

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