Remove unnecessary requirements and deliver the project on time

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If functionality isn’t a clear yes then make it a clear no #HoskWisdom

User want everything that will make their work easier, but what do they really need. If you can remove those unnecessary requirements, you increase the probability of delivering the project on time and reduce the complexity.

Wish lists

When gathering requirements and creating a solution, particularly when replacing a legacy system, requirements gathering can turn out into a wish list creating exercise.

What’s the goal

Distinguish between what the users want but do not necessarily need.

  • What people/teams use the information and what do they do it with it
  • What decisions are made with this information

Be strong

If you can keep the system simple and use out of the box functionality, you will create a system quicker and with fewer bugs.


Sometimes not creating customisations can improve the system and keep the project on track. Ask questions and filter out the unimportant requirements and focus on delivering the important.

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Have been working with Dynamics 365 since version 4 and enjoy reading and delivering enterprise projects

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