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Office life in the future might seen as a more dangerous role if prolonged inactivity is found to have long term side effects on the body.

To combat the sedentary life of the office worker, I believe office workers should be more proactive in trying to bring exercise into their daily routines.

I have started to read more articles on the long term dangers of inactivity, below are just a few I found

I believe mental health is linked to physical health and it’s important to take responsibility for your physical health.

One effective way of combating inactivity is to try and squeeze in physical activity every day by doing simple things like

  • Parking at the far end of the car park
  • taking stairs instead of elevators
  • Getting up for a walk for a few minutes every hour
  • Get out in the garden in the evening
  • Take your kids/grandchildren to the park
  • Bike to work
  • swing a kettle bell for 10 minutes a day (properly and safely of course)
  • Go for a walk at lunch

None of the things listed above are to difficult to incorporate into your daily lives, it’s important for your health and well being office workers get up and get active.

Work then walk

Don’t sit stationary at your desk for hours, instead work for 45 minutes and then have a walk round the office, a little break and then get back to your desk and refreshed and energised, ready to refocus with enthusiasm on the problem at hand

  • walk up the stairs — no lifts
  • park the furtherest spot in the car park
  • Go for a walk at lunch
  • go for a lap of the office

if you get to work 10 minutes early, have a quick walk and think about what you are going to do

your brain after a twenty minute, taken from this tweet

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This blog is greatt

Deskercise! 33 Smart Ways to Exercise at Work

Get a fitbit or similar product

I got a Fitbit, in fact I have purchased a few different fitbits during the last few years. It’s basically an expensive pedometer but the goal of 10000 steps (just under 5 miles) is a great target to aim for each day.

My job involves me sitting at a desk for most of the day, to hit the 10000 steps target I have to go for a walk either at lunch time or after work. I usually try and sneak in more steps during the day.

Fitbit allows you to see how many steps other fitbit friends have done, count your weekly steps and monitor your sleep (very interesting if you have children to see how much they have stolen sleep from you).

The main two benefits of fitbit is two fold

  1. It motivates me to do more steps
  2. viewing historical data on the website

So get up and get active

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