No shortcuts to becoming an awesome Dynamics 365 developer

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There are no shortcuts to being a good Dynamics 365 developer #HoskCodeWisdom

“The Road to excellence is difficult. That facing adversity and challenges is part of the process, and that you should expect to encounter challenges that test you.” — Nick Saban

A developer asked me how to stop making mistakes and improve. The is no easy way toget get better as a Dynamics 365 developer or as a developer, there are lots of areas andskills to master and there will be always be more to learn.

You are always a student of Microsoft Dynamics 365 never it‘s master #HoskCodeWisdom

Learning Dynamics 365 is hard, you are challenged to come up with solutions to deliver customer requirements. You are pushed out of your comfort zone into the uncomfortable place called the Project delivery zone. Suck it up, breath it in and use itto get better quicker.

Finish work a litter wiser about Microsoft Dynamics 365 than you when you started — #HoskCodeWisdom

No Shortcuts

Success doesn’t come from pie-in-the-sky thinking. It’s the result of consciously doing something each day that will add to your overall excellence — Nick Saban

Your vision is to be a master Dynamic 365 developer, to make this happen you need to work at improving everyday. You need discipline to focus on improving your skills despite the many distractions. You need to create a process of improving and carry out that process day after day, week after week and year after year.

There is no shortcut to developing skills, knowledge and experience the only way is to write code, create customisations, learn, make mistakes.

Experience and skills are created through time spent developing.

Becoming a good developer is hard but that is what makes the skill valuable because only dedicated people can achieve it. If a goal isn’t hard then it’s not a worth while goal.

you need focus, determination and drive to keep working towards your become a good developer. It will be difficult, you will work on difficult projects, it will challenging and you will often find yourself out of your comfort zone doing customisations you havenever done before.

You should be relentless in the pursuit of your goal, be prepared of to work through adversity and hard times

You will speed up

When you are not practicing then someone else is using that time to get better #HoskWisdom

Becoming a Dynamics 365 developer like rolling a snowball. It starts small and as you roll it in the snow it grows bigger and bigger. You are picking up knowledge and skills and this translates into developing faster because you don’t have to stop and learn everything.

Learning to develop is like learning to drive, driving is difficult and exciting. Everything you do is hard, adjusting the seat/mirrors, changing gears, looking in mirrors, steering, watching out for cars/pedestrians, not crashing. The more experience you get, the moreyou practice the more of driving you can do without thinking.

Soon you are changing gears without thinking, instinctively looking your mirror and expecting cars.

Developers go through the same learning curve as they become more experienced with different Dynamics CRM customisations and scenarios. This is Why .NET developers struggle with CRM Development

You can speed up the process by learning from the experiences of Hosk,

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