Hosk’s top articles of the week — 28th May

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You have more to fear from friends than from enemies — Robert Greene

Articles of the week

What the development of penicillin tells us about developing a coronavirus vaccine

Great read about the team that moved penicillin forward to where it is today. It’s impossible to understate how important Penicillin is and the positive effect it has had on millions of lives. It surprised me to find I had never heard of the team that did this.

Top 10 articles of the week

Hosk articles

Dynamics 365 + Software engineering


Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future. Oscar Wilde

If you’ve never eaten while crying you don’t know what life tastes like. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Selected HoskWisdom

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Quote from current book(s)

The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity: The International Bestseller

‘Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.’

‘A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.’

Essentially stupid people are dangerous and damaging because reasonable people find it difficult to imagine and understand unreasonable behaviour.

The Hosk — last 5 good books

Don’t deny yourself a book, it could change your life #HoskWisdom

Last top 10 article

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