Hosk top 10 articles of the week — 17th April

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I Just Heard That Monoliths Are The Future Of Software Development

“All life is problem solving.” — Karl Popper

I have been interested inside/outside view and it changes are estimates

Article of the week

This sample chapter shows how biases cause us to overestimate and how the outside view can give us a realistic prediction.

Top 10 articles

  1. What the %*$# Is Systems Design?
  2. Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus
  3. Countering the Inside View and Making Better Decisions
  4. free technical writing courses from Google for developers
  5. The Ultimate Guide to the OODA Loop
  6. Whats the trouble
  7. secret to be a good manager
  8. Unit Tests are a Design Smell. Do Not Write Unit Tests.
  9. Why the culture wins, an appreciation of Iain M Banks

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Ferguson said the relatively small proportion of the country he says has been infected so far — between about 3 and 5% — would mean that the additional two weeks before the lockdown would not have allowed us to go very far with collective immunity. Even after the peak of death, which he says will arrive in about a week, he estimates that about 10% of the population will not be infected.


Selected HoskWisdom

  • Being a Dynamics developer is not a skill you can master, it’s a craft you can keep improving at #HoskWisdom
  • Don’t deny yourself a book, it could change your life #HoskWisdom
  • A failed project is a comedy to the creators, a tragedy to the customers #HoskWisdom
  • To utilize the power of people, you must motivate them #HoskWisdom
  • If the smartest person in the room can’t work with everyone else in the room, kick them out #HoskWisdom
  • The road to a late project, is paved with extra requirements #HoskWisdom
  • There is never enough time to build the solution the customer thinks they want #HoskWisdom

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Quote from current book(s)

Charles Darwin made it a rule to write down immediately any observation or argument that seemed to run counter to his theories

The Hosk — last 5 good books

Last top 10 article

Last top 10 article

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Have been working with Dynamics 365 since version 4 and enjoy reading and delivering enterprise projects

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