Effort is constant, results are variable

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Preparing helps, skills help, knowledge helps, conditioning helps, thinking helps, having a plan helps, experience helps, trying hard helps but none of this guarantees being successful because in most tasks you cannot guarantee success.

Effort is not just working hard, effort is thinking hard combined with working hard. Mindless effort with no learning or improvement will leave you making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Carol Dweck recommends “praise the effort, not outcome” discussed Praise effort not outcome, think again

Many activities in life are probabilistic, meaning the outcome is down to a mixture of skill, effort and luck. It’s easy to forget this because looking in the past the outcome seems obvious but when the decision is made the outcome is foggy. The more senior your role the less certain your decisions.

The best football teams do not win every match, what makes football so exciting is the chance the under dog can win.

The best people don’t always get promoted

Companies with the best people and more resources can be outmanovered by a smaller, nibbler company.

We can prepare, practice, plan and do our best but sometimes we will still lose. It’s part of life and it offers a lesson to learn from.

Many successful people have failed multiple times, the key is to not give up and keep on trying.

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Carol Dweck — Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

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