Dynamics 365 — quick way to get the unique name of an instance

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Sometimes you need to get the unique name of a Dynamics 365 environment. In my example, we have a data mover tool where we specify the orgId and it can import different data into different environments.

You can go to Setting →customisation →developer resources to get the unique name but I find this a tedious and slow way.

I have been using the awesome XRMToolBox tool SQL 4 CDS from Mark Carrington recently.

  • It allows you to query, update, insert and delete from all the tables on the SQL database.
  • It has autocomplete
  • It’s fast and works well
  • You can save queries
  • You can connect to multiple environments

One downside is you can’t insert a value and specify the guid.

I found that there is an organization table, which has lots of interesting values and if you do this

select name from organization

You get the unique identifier for the environment.

It won’t save you much time but it will save you a bit (particularly if you save the query) and I wanted to tell people how awesome this tool is.

It seems SQL and Dynamics 365 have become friends again, I have written about it a couple of times recently

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