Dynamics 365 developer must keep improving

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“Unless we progress, we regress.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

Improving as a Dynamics 365 developer takes dedication and persistence. It takes years to build up your experience and knowledge but you can speed up the process by learning from the mistakes and experience of others.

No shortcuts

Becoming a good Dynamics developer is difficult and takes time, which is why there are few good Dynamics developers.

If you want to be a better coder then commit to being better and start being a better coder now #HoskCodeWisdom

There is no shortcut, only time and dedication. Warren Buffett talks about Charlie Munger and his focus:

“Charlie, as a very young lawyer, was probably getting $20 an hour. He thought to himself, “Who’s my most valuable client?” And he decided it was himself. So he decided to sell himself an hour each day. He did it early in the morning, working on these construction projects and real estate deals. Everybody should do this, be the client, and then work for other people, too, and sell yourself an hour a day.”

Enjoy being a Dynamics developer

Want to improve

“Most people don’t have the patience to absorb their minds in the fine points and minutiae that are intrinsically part of their work. They are in a hurry to create effects and make a splash; they think in large brush strokes.

Their work inevitably reveals their lack of attention to detail — it doesn’t connect deeply with the public, and it feels flimsy.”
Robert Greene, Mastery


Learn from your experiences, review your mistakes you and avoid repeating them. Inspecting how you work, adapting and keep improving.

Keep code quality high

Read Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. To write simple code you need to understand design principles, they decouple code and avoid making code brittle.

Design code

Don’t just write code. Think about it, design it, write it, refactor it, be proud of it #HoskCodeWisdom

Before you start typing, spend time designing your code, find classes and abstractions. Designed code is easier to read, debug, reuse, unit test, maintain and extend. All code has an impact, well-designed code minimizes dependencies

Understand SOLID principles

SOLID principles are the building blocks of good code. You will produce better quality code, fewer dependencies, and fewer problems later. SOLID principles help developers recognise good code.

Help yourself

Don’t suffer in silence and sit frozen in front of the code, don’t waste time not making progress. Don’t ask for answers, ask to be pointed in the right direction. Software development has lots of dead ends, to solve problems you must rule out options and clarify assumptions.

Seek out what you are weakest

Improve knowledge and skills, build up your experience. Don’t hide from these, focus and improve. Use weaknesses and mistakes as triggers for learning.

Learn from colleagues

Fellow developers are walking, talking troves of knowledge and experience, learn from their experience.

Talk Dynamics 365

Talk Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your colleagues and you will learn something or at worst give information to someone else.

Get Certified

Certifications give a more rounded and in-depth knowledge of Dynamics 365. Investigating functionality in Dynamics 365 which they have no practical experience of.

Average is not good enough

Developer skills are like a snowball, they start off small and quickly pick up speed as your knowledge and skills grow #HoskWisdom

Don’t do average work, do great work. Customers and other developers can quickly tell if someone is delivering quality work. Good developers code works well and anticipates the needs of the users, it contains fewer bugs and when bugs are fixed they don’t bounce back.

Read CRM blogs

There are great Dynamics 365 blogs which will help you keep up to date with the latest functionality in Dynamics 365, you can find a great list of them here

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Have been working with Dynamics 365 since version 4 and enjoy reading and delivering enterprise projects

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