More code, less life, career stalled


Developers are working hard to stand still in their careers

Burnout is a growing problem that's getting worse

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“Overworking is the Black Plague of the 21st Century.”― Richie Norton

GP clinics are at breaking

Agile isn’t dead and it won’t be killed

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There is no magic formula or approach that will guarantee a successful project

Slow software is smooth and smooth software development is fast

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The shortcut in creating software is to create quality and create it once

Developers have to do more development with less time


Meetings are indispensable when you don’t want to do anything. John Kenneth Galbraith

Learn how to succeed when everyone is watching


On good days, development is like riding a unicorn over a rainbow. On bad days it’s like the unicorn refuses to take one step forward

Manage change or it manages you

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“A Programming Language is a tool that has profound influence on our thinking habits.” Ew Dijkstra

  • Code Complete 2
  • Clean Code
  • Head First…

It’s not that developers are paranoid, people are really out to blame them


If you are involved in software development, there is always someone out to get you.

Microsoft’s business is selling servers and licences, not software development


“Most geniuses — especially those who lead others — prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities, but by exploiting unrecognized simplicities.” — Andy Benoit

The Hosk

Software dev (C#, Java) → Solution architect Dynamics 365, Power platform on enterprise projects | Avid reader | Life long learner

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