10 books to improve your thinking and decision making

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“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins

Improving a skill you use everyday will give you a bigger return on the time you invest improving it. Thinking and decision making is used on a daily basis for problems , decisions and creating solutions.

Our mental models influence how we see the world and our decisions without us realising it. Instead of considering all options, we pay attention to evidence that supports our views and ignore the evidence which contradicts our opinions. We often do this without realising we are doing it.

The situation, people and our biases silently influence our thinking, how often do you question why you think something? These influences are usually done without our knowledge, understanding them won’t stop the influence but it can help you identify them and take them into account.

Our brain works fast allowing us to understand a situation, have opinions and make decisions quickly but speed comes at the cost of logic. Time is a tool and those who make good decisions use it to think either before or after a decision needs to be made.

The quality of a decision cannot guarantee a successful outcome but it increases the likelihood. The books below will help improve your thinking and understand the factors influencing your decisions. Please add books you have useful in the comments

Other notable books

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